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Mining magnate Rinehart says Australia 'too expensive'


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*God help us. The world's richest woman see's $2.00 a day workers as the way forward. And the hundreds of millions she would like to save in wages would go into whose pockets? And then she has the audacity to say that mining and poluttion taxes are "class warfare".

Problem she has is the minerals she wants to mine are in Australia, not Africa.* It is when people like her get in positions of real power that revelolutions start fermenting. God I hate people like her.

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But I bet she has Mitt on fast dial.

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She looks like she could challenge fellow Oz tycoon Clive Palmer at the pie shop.

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I have to say, the lady has some nerve.

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The price of iron ore, a crucial ingredient in steelmaking, has fallen dramatically in the past two months as the Chinese economy slows, while the price of coal, another major Australian export, has also dropped sharply.

Me thinks the above is what has gotten ole Rhiney mighty WHINEY!

Suck it UP! Yr profits will be done some but STOP dumping on yr employees so YOU & ONLY yr stockholders can maintain yr selfish PAY!

Maybe we can find a CEO in Africa who will work for $15/day! Whattya say to that!............................ thought so, ya.........%$$#@!

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Last week, Rinehart, head of resources giant Hancock Prospecting, told Australians to “spend less time drinking or smoking and socializing, and more time working” and on Wednesday said the country should not become complacent.

I think Australia is a great country, but Rinehart may have a point here.

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Gina - You are living in the nineteenth century!

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spend less time drinking or smoking and socializing

Notice how she doesn't say "eating". Lardarse.

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Those guys in Africa need to ask for higher wages then. Probably caused by rampant government corruption though. So many 3rd world and developing countries could become great if they didn't have to deal with so many primitive problems.

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It is really pissing me off how these global mining companies pay such crap wages to those in the 3rd world, pretty criminal when you see some of the brutally obscene profits being made, ditto for big oil & pharmaceutical companies, they can be pretty evil in their working & they are screwing man kind worldwide.

I think its getting more than a bit over due for many country govts to start sticking up for their people instead of whoring with big biz, make no mistake big biz has been at war(economic) with the masses for decades, its getting time to push back!

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The rich would rather have slaves than treat their workers like human beings.

Less pay equals more profits in their pockets.

They would rather have no safety for their workers or the environment than spend profits to keep everyone safe.

The goal of modern corporations is not to have workers, it's to have slaves

With slaves you do not need to worry if they get injured all you have to do is just replace them with another slave.

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