Missile strikes on Syrian schools, hospitals kill 50: U.N.


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NATO's pitbull needs neutering.

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the west labels pro-assad people as terrorists and kill them. then the russians come and do the same to the anti-assad people. oh, and turks, they quickly realize they can leverage this crisis and kill as many kurds as possible, they are 'terrorists' after all.

hence the syria as we know. the humanity is at all time low since ww2.

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The United States also condemned the attacks on civilian targets, which it said included two hospitals in the Aleppo area—a Medecins Sans Frontieres

Did you condemn yourself as such when you did it in Kunduz, Afghanistan last year?

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Can we retitle this RUSSIAN Jets blast ..... the way it's always written if American planes do the same? ...and note these places were TARGETED, NOT " Colaterial" damage.

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and the West is bombing an empty desert.

Don't forget they're also funding and arming the terrorists.

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Saudi Arabia and Erdogan's Turkey are enemies of the ME modernization. These Islamists should be stopped (in Syria and above) and punished.

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“If Russia continues behaving like a terrorist organization and forcing civilians to flee, we will deliver an extremely decisive response,”

Wow, the Turks are getting braver and braver. On the other hand, Putin never really (fully) retaliated on Turkey after one of their F-16s shot down that russian SU-24.

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Their killing will always never be stop forever

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no WA4TKG , because there were no Russian flights over Aleppo on the day, the correct title would be "US targets hospitals again - blames Russia for it."

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Whoever did it, on the face of it such attacks are clearly deplorable.

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Despicable the Russian Denial. They're no different to Assad. Vicious butchers.

No one else is bombing Idlib. We're constantly being told by the Putinbots apologists and sundry tinfoil toting westerners that only Russia is fighting terrorists and the West is bombing an empty desert.

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Medecins Sans Frontieres specifically mentions Russia or the Syrian regime:

They also mentioned previously it's more than a few times they were targeted there and that MSF doctors in rebel areas are treated no different than the rebels. For obvious reasons, NATO doesn't fly sorties in that Syria region that's controlled by the advanced Russian air defense system where many Sukhoi regularly fly, to avoid inadvertent confrontations in the air.

MSF hit by NATO in Afghanistan; MSF hit by Syrian regime in Syria. There's nowhere safe for MSF. They're thinking, instead, of air-dropping aid, just like Russia is already doing.

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Forgive me, but the Syrian government UN envoy sounds exceptionally defensive, as if he is trying to justify something. It does sound as if Syrian forces, or those allied with them, may indeed have targeted these hospitals.

Quote from Alarabiya: "Syria’s U.N. envoy on Tuesday accused the medical aid charity MSF of being a front for French intelligence in Syria and dismissed allegations that Russian air strikes had destroyed one of its hospitals. “The so-called hospital was installed without any prior consultation with the Syrian government by the so-called French network called MSF which is a branch of the French intelligence operating in Syria,” said Ambassador Bashar Jaafari. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said at least 11 people were killed after the hospital in Idlib province was destroyed on Monday morning, but it did not assign blame for the attack. “They assume the full consequences of the act because they did not consult with the Syrian government,” Jaafari told reporters.

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Air strikes have hit at least five medical facilities and two schools in northern Syria, killing 50 people, the United Nations said Monday, ""

And this is not even Breaking News. Why?

Clearly, Any country outside Europe or North America is not that important. If something like this happened in the US or Europe, it would be breaking news for weeks.

Brown lives matter too.
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Hitting the wrong targets on accident is a part of warfare, and that won't change. Enjoy the fun, Russia.

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Did you condemn yourself as such when you did it in Kunduz, Afghanistan last year?

That was clearly a deliberate attack, also machine gunning the fleeing patients and staff. Sick.

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A State Department spokesperson urged Turkey and Russia to avoid any further escalation.

Yeah, that is what they say openly, but they are certainly privately urging them to escalate things. The US is itching for a war with Russia.

And in case someone missed it: US A-10s bomb Aleppo, blame Moscow – Russian Defense Ministry

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