Missing Malaysia Airlines plane's search area to be expanded


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They may be looking too far south.

Just a thought - early in the investigation, a Vietnamese plane identified and photographed what appeared to be an aircraft door, which was not seen again the next day when ships went to the area.

Hear me out on this...suppose it was in fact a door from the aircraft which sunk before the ship arrived or was just missed by the ship. It would have implied that the door had been opened/separated from the aircraft (whether intentionally or not). That would have led to immediate decompression and possibly some persons being sucked out of the plane, while the remaining passengers still strapped into their seats would likely have died from lack of oxygen/cold.

While the plane's route may have been reprogrammed, the wrong waypoints could have been entered by accident during the confusion, and the pilot may have subsequently lost consciousness.

Even though Inmarsat data points to a southern turn, the distance travelled would not have been as great because the poor aerodynamics caused by the loss of the door would have reduced the effective range of the aircraft.

Any thoughts?

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The mystery deepens. My honest opinion; some is not saying something.

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