Missing UK schoolgirl found with math teacher in France


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Wow, scandalous teacher running away with a girl half his age... He could have at least tried to wait for her legal age that horny coot!

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The girl is due to undergo a medical examination before being handed over to her parents, they said, without providing HER NAME, in accordance with French law.

An emotional appeal by MEGAN STAMERS' parents for her return has dominated British television and newspaper headlines since the couple went missing.

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If 50 is the new 30, then is 30 the new 18? In today's world, he's a perv. There's also the question of whether she went voluntarily, running away. Not saying it's right, by any means.

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No idea but my guess Japan is not the only country with horny, perverted teachers on this planet?????????

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Pervert is everywhere as long as there are still men and women around

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Hey, at least she'll learn to french with math..............

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The headmaster at the school said during the week that he encouraged his staff to have a good relationship with the kids... I don't think this kind of relationship was what he meant though. His career is over, his life ruined, and he'll go on the sex-offenders list... Guy's an idiot, and he's ruined the lives of his wife, the girl, and himself. Hope he's pleased with himself.

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Hope he's pleased with himself.

Depends on how she looks probably.............

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Isn't there a Police song about this kind of happening?

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I saw the photos in magazines. She looks pretty adult; at 15 she if of course not legal age, but she certainly is not a child.

Meanwhile in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood government has introduced a law that allows men to marry 8 (eight) old girls, in line with islamic Shariah.

Now that would be something to write about, but don´t wait for the media to touch it.

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