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Mississippi man charged in ricin letters case


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So these bozos not only want to poison and kill President Obama?? *But...Curtis’s brother and fellow Elvis impersonator, insurance agent Jack Curtis, worked for a time with Dutschke and says he believes the feud with Dutschke is related to his brother’s efforts to publicize allegations about a black market for body parts at a local Mississippi hospital.

Kevin Curtis was fired as a janitor from North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo after raising questions about body parts he said he observed there. The hospital strongly denied the allegations.* Black market in body parts??? I would NOT be surprised either!

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Seems like they have opened a real cam worms there - Elvis impersonators, black market body parts. Whatever else happens I hope that he is put away for ever from the child molestation charges, if guilty.

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"real cam worms" indeed! "real can of worms" was what I was trying to make my fingers say.

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Dutschke ran unsuccessfully as a Republican candidate

Ya don't say.

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What what what?? The guy is not a radical Muslim and just a failed Republican?

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Just when you think things can't get more ridiculous, an idiot vendetta like this comes to light. Dueling bozos.

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