Mixed results for Obama's first Moscow summit


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Way to go Obama,Medevedev and Putin. Big changes for better coming for Russia via USA's Obama administration.

There bound to be jump in FDI to Russia,as a result of call for a more prosperous and friendly Russia.

Russia has a lot of potential to develop,as how China's potential was developed. There has been many JVs in russia in steel industry via Severstal and in many other fields.

Carrefour france has also opened in Moscow,Russia. Japan also has opened many plants is Russia like Nissan plant and others.

Russia in for a big China like transformations in prosperity.

Already Boeing is now in joint venture in 70 million USD plant in Urals,Russia for making titanium products for aircrafts.

The Russian kopek needs to have lower inflation via many good monetary fiscal discipline in russian economic governance.

Russia woes are there,but economic rise is not stopped by these woes.

A richer Russia,will reduce more woes among russians.

Russian is now very much changed from days of GUM department stores in soviet era.

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I see it that Obama, Medevedev and Putin made major steps in the decrease of nuclear arms.

I see that Obama, Medevedev and Putin have opened up a door of dialogue and a chance to change relationships between our two superpowers.

Now I expect the republicans to start posting about how poorly that Obama has come off here. They will pout and spout vemon of the evils of Obama.

Remember when they do that, they are telling you how they support the team of Medevedev and Putin over Obama. They are supporting a hope for failure and ignoring the impact of Obama's efforts. < :-)

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So they may have agreed to bin some old stock that's approaching it's 'use-by' date, perhaps to save some money.

Big deal. Doesn't change the fact that I live in a country with (US) nuclear weapons, and I'm surrounded by countries with them.

I don't feel any safer.

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DickMorris - "Our security is destroyed through Obama."

Care to explain how?

"Stockpile weapons all patriots and be ready to fight, nuff said!"

Um...the American Revolution finished, like last century.....

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Conservatives are reacting to Obama's successes in a way that clearly suggests they simply want the best for their country, in fact that suggests they are anti-American.

Each to his own. :-)

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Conservatives' rhetoric is destroying what little chance they ever had of regaining power in America.

That's just great.

We've now got a president in Obama who has done more good for America in 6 months than bush did in 8 years, and conservatives STILL whine and moan and repeatedly fail to put up any constructive proposals or ideas whatsoever.

President Obama has just negotiated a 1/3 cut in nuclear weapons on both sides.

But U.S. conservatives somehow think that's 'bad' and show to the world yet again what a total joke their brand has become.

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SushiSake3, you got something there. I forget who the poster was, but one of the GOP wingers here on JT is so against Obama that he elevates Putin over Obama.

Obama has done his best to start a 'change' in US foreign relations. He is working to reduce the threat of a nuclear attack from Russia. < :-)

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Another trip overseas, another embarrassment. Obama is in way over his head wherever he goes. It's amazing how little he knows about recent history. Obama's handlers should load a history lesson into his teleprompter.

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Barack Obama's knowledge of overseas relations is so much better than george bush it's shocking.

Instead of threatening the world, Obama tries to work with the world. < :-)

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Among the group was former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, who said Obama appeared to have held his own in his talks with Russia’s leaders.

On Fareed Zakaria's CNN show today, a prominent leader of the Russian opposition group, Boris Nemztov, compared Obama with George W. Bush. Bush, he said, came to Russia trying to lecture Russians on how to run a democracy, and nobody took him seriously. Obama, by contrast, listened. His visit was deemed extremely more effective than anything the U.S. has done to improve U.S.-Russian relations in decades.

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