Mnuchin urges senators to support easing Russia sanctions


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Trump coughing up more to Russia.

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"No Collusion, No Collusion" - sure Donnie, the evidence is right before everyone's eyes...

How many items do you have left on the punchlist Putin gave you at your last Summit - you know, the Summit where you won't release the transcripts and took the notes from the interpreter?

And tell us again how you don't have any investments in Russia when your two sons, who also serve as Executive Vice Presidents of the Trump Organization, say the company receives all its funding from Russia...

The Murmansk Candidate...

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As expected, sanctions are backfiring.

Seems to me sanctions are working given the target is beingvfinancially isolated.

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 Mnuchin is part of the controlled by Putin conspiracy.

First thing I've agreed with you on in months...

Now if we can get the rest of the "mind controlled" to see reality, maybe we can end this nightmare...

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The vote comes as Democrats have questioned President Donald Trump's Russian ties 

For good reason Trump's ties with Russian leaders and international gangs are being questioned. Make America great again - keep Russia from meddling any more in US politics.

@burningbush US investors are being excluded from lucrative opportunities and Russians are solidifying their control of very important companies.

Interesting that people who argue against some sort of nebulous 'globalist' grouping are defending another, one that would include Trump's bund and his Russian 'friends'.

But I can guess how liberals will respond, Mnuchin is part of the controlled by Putin conspiracy.

Given Putin's called liberals enemies, I assume by using 'liberal' you're referring to people who don't trust Putin. And given Trump also uses 'liberal' to denote enemy, I have to assume you're also referring to people who don't trust Trump. That would mean the majority of people in the US and around the world, except of course those in Russia.

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Mnuchin is urging senators to vote against a Democratic resolution that would maintain sanctions on companies linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

Deripaska loaned Paul Manafort $10 million in 2005-06, which Manafort has yet to repay because his company went bust.

As Trump's campaign manager in 2016, Manafort shared polling data with Deripaska.

That indicates to me a clear case of conspiracy with a foreign entity to influence an election. Quid pro quo.

Mnuchin wants to drop the sanctions because they "shouldn't be a political issue". Say what? Sanctions are always political. Mnuchin doesn't like these particular sanctions because they indirectly implicate wrongdoing by the Trump campaign.

Hold the line, Senators!

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Looks like Trump's Treasury Secretary is working hard to help Russian olegarchs. I wish him luck.

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Yet wasn't it one of the Trumpeters on anther post that said Trump cant be a conspirator because he has administered some of the toughest sanctions on Russia??? LOL

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