Moderna has no plans to share its COVID-19 vaccine recipe


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Nothing wrong with making a profit for the shareholders, no reason to share their proprietary information for free. It might actually be something that the company execs could be sued for by the shareholders- they have a fiduciary responsibility to keep the company as profitable as possible.

It is amazing (but not surprising) that the UN, which produces nothing but hot air and CO2, would demand this. Anything to make them look better and keep their lucrative positions intact.

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Burning Bush

Mega profits won't come so easily, progressive countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland have started to do independent testing of the Moderna vaccine and immediately ordered that they be restricted for children.

You would have to say, in an abundance of caution. Which has been happening for the vaccines in general. Far from being too quick to roll out, governments have been halting their use on preliminary non-peer reviewed studies.

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[Noubar] Afeyan spoke on the last full day of a visit to Italy in which he met Pope Francis, who has appealed for universal vaccine access.

Purely by coincidence, mind you: Last week, Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, the Vatican's Secretary for Relations with States, on the occasion of the XV Ministerial Conference of UNCTAD, “From inequality and vulnerability to prosperity for all,” said about COVID-19 vaccines, that intellectual property rule waivers are "vital" and "should be combined with ensuring the open sharing of vaccine know-how and technology." As part of "long-term consideration and action related to global public goods."

Part of the statement included the Vatican's sustained push for "a new ethics of the common good," as a basis "for policy-making capable of both tackling the structural inequalities behind our deeply divided and increasingly fragile world, and unleashing the spirit of human ingenuity and creativity, which is urgently needed to build back better." And also to "recover the notion of interdependence and to re-build multilateralism around the ideals of social justice and mutual responsibility among and within nations. "

Just can't make this stuff up.

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yep that stock is up a fat 170%+ year to date.

For Moderna, they know the current Biden administration wont touch them.

So I dont blame them for what they are doing.

If the White House wants to give it away for free, they are going to have to purchase it first.

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because executives have concluded that scaling up the company's own production 

of course it is. Best way to make profit and keep the stock price rising.

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So governments can impose all sorts rules on society, but not on this company?

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