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Modi, Blinken meet Pacific Island leaders in Papua New Guinea

By Kirsty Needham

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Countries don’t need defense against China. Only colonialists

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Washington would provide $45 million in new funds

So all funds will be given by the US. Modi is just there to make sure that the locals don't feel that the white folks are out there to colonize them once again.

Same reason that Australia is missing I guess.

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Last paragraph is the kicker.

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India is not only a leader of Global South. She is also a leader of Global North, Global East and West. Just ask India for anything - she can help.

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"Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" meaning all living beings on the earth are a family has been the guiding principle for India and Indians for centuries together.

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Countries don’t need defense against China. Only colonialists

A ridiculous statement. The only reason China opposes "blocks" is because that is how countries can stand up to it.

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@inkochi PNG is far, far away from any US coast that I know of.

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RodneyToday 01:01 pm JST

Countries don’t need defense against China. Only colonialists

The people in Hong Kong and Tibet would beg to differ if only they could speak honestly without fear of being imprisoned and tortured.

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Is he asking the Pacific Islander countrirs to use Rupee as a money to trade with India? Who is going to do that stupid thing?

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Biden would have been able to attend, if only the GOP were not wasting his time back home.

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This is a big win for the US and Australia and a big kick in the teeth for China’s attempts to threaten sea lanes.

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India just know fighting with Pakistanis, they are no where to get further away from the coast of their archrival. Do you know why you see Modi in almost every world forum? Because he is a sycophant, this is how to get more aids from the West especially Japan.

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