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Monkees singer Davy Jones dies at 66


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You left us at far too young an age, Davey. You'll be missed.

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RIP. Yes 66 is way too young. I'm going to assume that he must have had some condition which lead to this. If I recall, Gene Rodenberry wanted a character "like that little guy in the Monkees" for the role of Ensign Chekov.

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I didn't watch the Monkees reruns growing up, I remember him mostly from the guest appearance he did on Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and of course the songs. I love Daydream Believer. Pop music at its best.


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Los Monkees?? Yup!! That's what they are called in Spanish and back in Mexico as a young wee lad I used to watch their tv show almost every day!! RIP Davy

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Randomly for the last four days I have been singing some of the Monkey's songs. Also been randomly doing the walk, now I am really sadden Davy is gone. How much fun was that show, how many times a group of my friends got together to imitate the walk. Lots of laugh from a band that seem to know how to have fun. Thank you Davy.

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I agree. Mid-sixties is much to young. The Monkeys TV show and their music was much more than just a way to sell records. Great fun and great memories. Their shows can still sometimes be seen on Japanese satelite TV.

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Very fond memories of the TV shows - lots of good, clean zany fun. The music was - is- addictive, too.

RIP Davy. Mid-sixties is far too soon to go.

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Davy Jones, lead singer of ... The Monkees whose hits included “I’m a Believer” and “Last Train to Clarksville”

Those tunes were sung by Micky Dolenz.


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Cheer up, sleepy Jean,

Oh, what can it mean to a

Daydream Believer or a homecoming queen

RIP Davy Jones

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Remember this guy well, showing my age. Day of running around the house singing “Hey Hey, We’re the Monkees” drew no criticism I ever hear, just good clean fun.

RIP Davey Jones.

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