Months after abrupt halt, Trump gives blessing for Taliban deal


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Russia failed to liberate Afghanistan and left defeated.

Nothing new has happened except the hope of talk with the Taliban but they must at least agree to a cease fire.

America has considerable hardware on the ground including fighter planes and fighter copters. Not easy to reduce the troop numbers until the time comes for them to pull out. America will be in Afghanistan for quite some time more.

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The Taliban stood up to the great satan and held their ground.

You're pretty schizophrenic about your stance on the US. You constantly criticize the US whilst constantly praising Donny, who literally represents the US. Why is that? You're not trying to sow discord amongst the American population, are you?

Incredible courage and tenacity on their part.


Afghans simply won’t be subdued. Everyone has tried and failed.

Everyone? When did Japan try? When did Argentina try? When did NoKo try?

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Trump has built some magnificent buildings, some of them even being financially viable. But he is horrendous with negotiations at this level.

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Russia failed to liberate Afghanistan and left defeated.

Yeah, the CIA were delivering portable surface to air missiles to the predecessors of the Taliban so they could shoot down Russian aircraft.

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The business man art of the deal fails when it comes to military conflicts which don't follow the more normal progress.

America has a long history of supplying weapons to groups that in the end are used against them

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Well since Trump neutralized North Korea as nuclear threat, this should be easy.

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Here's a golden opportunity for the Taliban to have their cake and eat it too. Trump is the master blunderer when it comes to foreign policy decisions with dictators around the globe clicking their heels in triumph.

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The Taliban want to keep IS al Qaeda etc. out anyway. No ceasefire required either? From the Taliban view, what’s not to like? Deal of the century.

From the Afghan govt POV hmmm...

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Only a brain dead Neanderthal can think he can make a deal with Stone Age savages.

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