More bodies found after eruption of Indonesia's Mount Marapi


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This is why you don’t go wandering around the mouth of active volcanoes.

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I hate to think of the horrific burns that some of them may be suffering from.

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Marapi should be avoided by climbers. Better still, climbing should be forbidden.

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I've seen some videos on youtube of people climbing and filming volcanos and seriously wonder what's going on in their heads. Some are so nonchalant and far too close. Even expert volcanologists can't accurately predict when and how they'll erupt. It's not just lava and flying boulders but toxic gases as well.

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We still know little about how to predict an eruption.

This situation applies Globally, from Yellow Stone park in the US through to  Indonesia's Mount Marapi...

I feel sorry for those Tourists, caught up within this "unexpected" situation.

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About 10 years ago, give or take a few years, a group of climbers scaled a volcano and actually went down into the caldera. There was eruption. Several of them were killed by falling rocks and some survived with relatively minor injuries. Two of them, however, were vaporized in the event. I hope they find all of the bodies, but some number of them might well not exist anymore. Recklessness like this makes a person wonder.

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This is why you don’t go wandering around the mouth of active volcanoes.

And yet, thousands of climbers climb Mount Fuji every year...

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