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More building blocks of life found on Mars

By Kerry Sheridan

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Good stuff - keep up the good work NASA....and please don't let Trump get involved, he would be asking about coal and hookers on Mars..

I don't see the point in searching for intelligent life on other planets.

We should FIRST look for intelligent life in Washington, DC.  

With Trump at the helm, the cumulative IQ approximates an earthworm.

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Don't believe a word of it.

NASA...Never A Straight Answer.

I'm not a US citizen so I have no say. But if I were, I'd be demanding that NASA start doing stuff with our tax money that we wanna see.

A return to the moon and set up a colony there.

A true...dedicated 24/7/365 camera pointing at the Earth that we can access anytime we want.

Unbelievable that with a 50million budget a day!!!! We still don't have this!

ISS...smoke and mirrors. (with a generous amount of blue/green screen)

10 years at 17,000 miles an hour orbiting the earth. And in all that time has never been hit with a single spec of space dust that (given the opposing velocities concerned) would totally obliterate it.

I am NOT a flat earther!! That's total BS.

I believe in space flight. Just not buying all they tell us.

Do your own research guys.

Hence...Never A Straight Answer

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My mom brain read the title and thought: Well, someone should pick them up before they get stepped on.

I think it is interesting to see the search for life or life forming particles elsewhere. I hope that people are on the search of it to do good and not for anything malicious. There must be some significant reasons for this research to continue considering how expensive it is.

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Pretty sure I’ve seen news of dust damage to the ISS. It remains unabilterated and available to view on a regular schedule. Seen it myself. And if you want to see a picture of the whole Earth from space take a look at the feed from the Himawari 8 satellite, all free from NASA interference.

Its easy to sow dissent and makes claims without evidence. Much harder to send robots to Mars in search of the origins of the solar system and possibly even extra terrestrial life. I choose to ignore the white noise from failures, I support those who make an effort to see where actual evidence takes them. More good news from NASA who’s data will continue to be independently scrutinised and verified. Good on yer, keep it up.

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It could be a secret Chinese base.

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Did they find any of that stuff that Trump calls hair? If that isn’t” a building block of life”, I don’t know what is.

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Pretty sure I’ve seen news of dust damage to the ISS.


I'd like to see that mate, and if you could send me a link I'd be grateful :)

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maybeperhapsyes, there you go, two news articles. I’m sure there are much more scholarly articles to be found.

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Tim Peak...haha

The ball and hoop guy who couldn't perform the "experiment" live.

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