More migrants report sex abuse crossing Panama's Darien Gap


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Someone I know well who works for the U.S. government told me that she was sent out to investigate and talk with people who live along the southern U.S. border with Mexico. She told me that she talked with ranchers who lived alone in remote locations about the illegal aliens crossing their properties. They told her that they would sometimes camp on their property and at night you could hear blood curdling screams coming from the women as they were being raped by their coyotes (the men hired to escort them into the U.S. from Mexico). They didn't know where they were, but they could hear them and they knew they were out there somewhere in the dark.

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...but wait, why is this happening? Didn't VP Harris specifically say, "do not come"? How dare they disobey?

There must be SOMETHING happening that continues to drive people to crash the US border. Didn't happen so much in the previous four years though.

The coyotes are the scum of the earth. If there was ever a just and good use for Special Forces personnel, it would be to wipe the human traffickers from the face of the Earth.

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And the sexual abuse of immigrants in detention centers on US soil ???..

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Could not find any relevance to this comment within this article:

@Kentarogaijin 5:51am: “And the sexual abuse of immigrants in detention centers on US soil ???..

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