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More than 1,300 people died during Hajj, Saudi authorities say


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Climate change could make the risk even greater. A 2019 study by experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that even if the world succeeds in mitigating the worst effects of climate change, the Hajj would be held in temperatures exceeding an “extreme danger threshold” from 2047 to 2052, and from 2079 to 2086.

It should be a cause for self-reflection with the leaders of the Islamic world, though that is quite scarce.

More so since one of the leading contributors to anthropogenic climate change are the hosts of the Hajj.

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You would think they would be prepared for this, guess not. There should have been bottled water available throughout the area, but I’m not sure if for religious reasons it’s allowed. Very sad indeed! 1,000 is no small number.

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Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars on crowd control and safety measures

While the Kingdom has spent money, some Saudi royals and their close supporters have made lots of money for themselves for centuries off the Hajj. They have managed a system where wealthy Saudis and other wealthy people get better treatment than those at the other end of the wealth spectrum during the Hajj and Umrah. Umrah is another chance for the royals to make money and can occur throughout the year, with climate change making weather even more unpredictable, it could be weather related catastrophes will continue to plague the Kingdom, plus other pilgrimages everywhere.

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Must have been pure hell for the unfortunate pilgrims. I absolutely hate the heat, particularly Japan's high humidity. In the summer I try to have all of my stuff done by 10:00 and spend the rest of the day in air conditioning.

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Willing to die for their religion.

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Sad and some what painful to watch these people die simply a preventable cause, all their handler had to do is follow the rules and schedule these pilgrims so the can have a safe Hajj.

Shame to those who are managing the travel agents in Egypt, should have seen it coming just by watching the number of visas issued.

May all RIP, feel sorry for their families that may never even see or visit their graves.

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Wow, it must have been hot.

With roughly 1.8 million people/year making the journey, that's over 1% of the travelers that died. I would imagine that in any weather you would get certain number of people on such a journey who would die along the way when there are that many, but the heat must have increased that significantly.

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More than 1,300 people died during this year’s Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia as the faithful faced extreme high temperatures at Islamic holy sites in the desert kingdom, Saudi authorities announced Sunday.

It gets hot in the desert.

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It gets hot in the desert.

That does not explain the huge number of deaths this year (opposite of every year). Are you trying to argue the dessert only became hot this year? The article clearly mentions extraordinary circumstances that are easily explained by climate change. Not something that happens all the time but something that is beginning to happen and will get worse every year.

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It was 51*C this season.

I have been to all the surrounding countries by Saudi Arabia and none were ever that hot.

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Oh, here’s the part everyone is leaving out, “ 1301 People are / (were) UNAuthorized” .

Meaning they weren’t supposed to BE there. Maybe THAT has something to do with it

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