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More than 100,000 Italian women, supporters protest against Berlusconi


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All politicians need to keep IT inside the pants.

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Who cares about his sex life. I didn't care about Clinton's, and I don't care about Berlusconi's. He's the best PM Italy has ever had.

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Italy and sex go hand in hand, like fish and water, just look at the history of the ancient Roman Empire, take a look at the History Channel, Berlusconi could just blame it on the DNA make up stemming back a couple thousand years in what we call Italia.

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Sex is good. I hope the guy gets plenty

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Good to see a few of supporters for a pedophile here (by Italian law). Sex is sex, who cares what two consenting adults do, but sex with a minor is a big no no, ethically and morally.

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Way to go, women of ITALY.

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