More than 160 unmarked graves found near indigenous Canadian school


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From the end of the 19th century to 1975 The crimes last for 100 years or more? How come it could coverup for so long?

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Right, time to burn down a few more churches! /s

Or perhaps time to ascertain exactly WHO is buried in the graves, and why. But that would require patience and avoiding jumping to conclusions, so little chance of that happening. Ditto the residential schools in general. The atmosphere is so poisonous that no native person will ever admit th anything positive happening at them. Anything but full-throated parroting of the activists' cant is met with scorn and aprobation.

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How come it could coverup for so long?

The reason is because it wasn’t covered up. It was forgotten. For a century, this sort of thing was considered normal and acceptable. Why cover up what the ‘real’ Canadians (read: white) we’re doing when it was considered a service to the natives?

Or perhaps time to ascertain exactly WHO is buried in the graves,

Yeah! Those thousands of graves could be filled with all the WHITE kids who went to schools created expressly for native children! /s

Cmon, man. If you’re going to be an apologist for genocide, you’re gonna have to have a better angle than “W-Well, those corpses could be long to A-ANYBODY”. These are mass, unmarked graves filled with the bones of children, found on the grounds of schools created solely to erase the ‘native’ from native children.

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