More than 30 die in stampede at Nigeria church food event

By Patrick MARKEY

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There is a reason why events require serious security measures in place before even being organized in the first place. Unfortunately this is not taken seriously in many developing countries which causes disasters like this every now and then. An event that was supposed to bring joy and happiness turns into a tragedy in a completely unnecessary way, there was already known incidents that would have made anybody think this could happen again.

The organizers need to be held responsible for this, they should have only made the event if they had all the necessary security.

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Never mind the pandemic still raging on.

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30 die in stampede at Nigeria church food event:

This tragedy could have been avoided if organizers have some knowledge of crowd management.

The mammoth crowd became tumultuous & uncontrollable, hence the stampede.

Many hungry people in Nigeria when there has been fast population increase..

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