More than 50 dead greyhounds dumped in Australia


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My whippet (closely related to greyhounds) will be nine this year, and while the breeds do lose competitiveness after three or four years, they more than make up for that in intelligence and companionship. As a pup, my dog would disappear for hours (once had a call from a friend who'd found him - ten kilometers away! He always found his way back, though.) Now, he watches to be sure I'm keeping up with him, and this is much more preferable.

These older greyhounds make wonderful pets. They do not bite, do not smell, and love people. That those who perpetrated this tragedy did not use facilities such as is truly a crime.

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@Laguna Great post. I know people in the UK who've adopted retired racers. Greyhounds are a truly wonderful breed - friendly, a great family dog and of course, one of the most beautiful and elegant of all animals. This story disgusts me.

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Horrible news, poor dogs.

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Yep. Rescued Greyhounds are very good family pets. What a waste. I

I can't imagine finding the perpetrator(s) of this crime should be that hard. I imagine the dog racing world is rather small.

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It is Quite possible their are multiple owners and one eutherenist doing their dirty work. I bet the poor dogs have had their ear tats cut off and identity chips removed .

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"Whippet good, (dun, dun, dun, dun, duun)"

All dogs are great pets, THE BEST COMPANIONS A HUMAN CAN HAVE. Most of them are misunderstood/mislabeled based on their breed or color.

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