More than 60 killed as Yemen rebels inch towards key city

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Because the article makes it difficult to notice certain facts, a clarification seems needed.

The 'Saud-led pro government forces' are mostly foreigners to Yemen.

The 'Iran-backed Houthi rebels' are entirely composed of citizens of Yemen, from every ethnic group, and includes the bulk of the actual Yemen Army, who, like most of the population of Yemen, got tired of waiting for the foreign backed 'official government's to accept a political ending to the effort to allow a Yemen chosen government to come to power in Yemen.

And while the 'Saud-led forces' rely on the Saud dictatorship and it's allies for weapons, ammunition, manpower, air strikes, targeting information, payroll (basically everything), the 'Iran-backed forces', because of the unchallenged, total control over land, sea, and air access to Yemen, are self sufficient because of domestic support for them.

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