More than 70,000 American Airlines passengers miss flights so far this year due to airport screening delays


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TSA will not consider alternatives to the present system. 1. Enforce the rule of ONE carry on that has wheels and one laptop/purse bag. At the present time, passengers (usually business people in black suits) have one carry on that has wheels, then one bag attached to it, and one laptop bag or tourists with two very large backpacks and a laptop bag. 2. Establish a line for one backpack ( no wheels) and one laptop bag. Those who choose #2 go through faster and do have to wait for #1 people. 3. FREE Pre-check for a passenger who has traveled to Japan 6 time to be an ALT in a junior high school and has been searched 5 times on both sides of the ocean, not to mention casual travel in the USA. Also, finger printed and background checked 4 times in the last 5 years for employment in the USA (by the way, this is an American born citizen). What it the problem? "I am from the government, and I am here to help you."

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How about a $10000 penalty on the TSA for each passenger who misses a flight if they have arrived at the airport and complete check in at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of their flight?

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It will only get worse.

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Scrote - you beat me too it. Although I was going to suggest the airlines had to pay a $1,000 in compensation to each flyer who missed their flight. Soon see things change then.

I hate flying in America. Hate being barked at by uneducated minimum wage security. Last time in NY at passport control, you know, where you wait behind the line and then move into the next free passport check booth, there was this obnoxious female security guard who was shouting to people "you here - you over there, and DO NOT! cross the yellow line". This was after a 12 flight from Tokyo. I muttered 'you should train dogs'. She was on me in a flash - nose to nose, nostrils flaring, eyes ablaze - "is there something you want to say to me sir?". Well, there quite a few things I wanted to say but balanced this against a strip search and an anal cavity exploration so said, "no, not at the moment".

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How ironic that this excessive screening happens at the same time where the governments in both the US and Europe have fundamentally stopped controlling their land borders. --- So if you want try to enter the country legally, you are put under a microscope, but if you just walk across, nobody checks who you are. It is truly a world gone insane.

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Asian looking Immigration officers, security people are worst in all over there in The US and Canada. This is from my experince from going there tons of times from last two and half decades.I White officers / African Americans are always fine, with them my security clearance and immigration process is always quick.

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Fining a government agency never works. It needs to be shut down and we need to go back to having the airports be responsible for security like it was for 40+ yrs. Making the airlines have to return airfare is a reasonable action. The airlines will scream at the government and something will happen.

These days TSA officers are scary - like the way pro-life Nazis are. I'm afraid to exercise free speech at the airport. I miss the days of flying by showing up, paying cash, sitting in a first-come-first-served seat and having a free beer on the flight. AND not having to provide a name. Ok, very few airlines worked that way, but after deregulation, some DID work that way. Getting on an airplane was like getting on a city bus.

Rana - you should be ashamed. Sadly, you probably don't understand why. People have bad days and good days. I have bad days too and suspect you have as well. We never know why someone is having a bad day - perhaps their mother died last week or their wife has terminal cancer. We never know. OTOH, some people are just mean, but not an entire ethnic group. Or perhaps they get the vibe that you don't like their ethnic group, so you are treated accordingly. Should also say that I've had excellent, efficient, help from all different ethnic groups. A smile goes a long way.

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The $1000 fine would be paid by whom? The passenger. It would just raise the airport use fee for every plane, and therefore, the price of the ticket. Or, is someone suggesting it be taken out of the TSA employees' hourly wage? There are rules for carry on that are not being followed by the airlines. The airlines say the TSA should not let the passengers drag extra carry on through security. There is never more truth here when one says, "When you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you."

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"Those 70,000 customers account for just a fraction of the 63 million trips on scheduled flights of American, the world’s largest airline, through April"

63 million people were booked on American Airlines flights from January through April, eh?

"Enforce the rule of ONE carry on that has wheels"

There should be NO carry on bags with wheels! Bags with wheels should be checked!

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I wonder if the TSA understands that tourism is an important industry that employs a lot of people in the U.S., and that foreign tourists are paying guests in their country.

My wife and I will not be taking another U.S. vacation in the foreseeable future after encountering rude and unprofessional people at U.S. airports, especially LAX and Honolulu. Long queues and surly attitudes are bad enough, but frankly I don't trust the morons who staff these security checks to catch terrorists. Some of them I woudn't trust to catch a cold. In Honolulu they took away my wife's size 5 sandals for explosive sniffing and came back with a pair of size 16 fur-lined bigfoot boots. "Are these your shoes ma'am?"

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They are union workers, slow performance is not discharge criteria.

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