More than 200 Canada policewomen file sex harassment class action


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I know! Let's have a separate section for Canadian police crime!

I mean, more than 200 policewomen and former cops, that's a lot of complaints.

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Tip of the iceberg. You can be sure of it.

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Two wrongs dont make right, but at least in Cda they have a chance to make their case, wud never happen in Japan

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See, cops the worls over are rubbish.

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Anytime a person has a position of "power" their is always a chance they will abuse it...

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fellow officers making crude jokes.

A bunch of cops telling crude jokes among themselves? Now this IS serious. I've never ever heard of such a thing happening before, ever.

I hope not a cent of Canadian taxpayers' money is spared to looking into this scandal.

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GW, nice Schwing! Turn a Canadian scandal into a lambasting of Japan. How Japantoday!

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Vancouver has some of the most racist and screwed up cops I have ever seen.

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The RCMP has gone so far down hill that you can't trust them anymore. The corruption starts at the top and works its way right down to the rookies. You'd be amazed at how the clean cops look the other way knowing one day they will expect the same treatment when they cross over to that way of life. It's so sad and a real loss for Canada as the RCMP was for the most part a Canadian icon with the musical ride (the RCMP troop) which now is nowhere to be found on the new $50 bill. The RCMP I think now stands for Real Corruption Means Power.

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Vancouver has some of the most racist and screwed up cops I have ever seen.

I have to agree. Worse than anything I ever encountered, including cops in L.A. and in Tijuana.

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This might be the beginning of something big worldwide. Kudos to the Canadian women for taking the first step.

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As a British Columbian I can tell you that the vast majority of RCMP officers are decent and fair. Unfortunately like the armed forces some of the members are there to help those in need and serve justice while others are there to have a sense of power over others. I spent many of my early years on the wrong side of the law and to be sure there are police officers with all the morals of the worste crack heads and gangsters and I paid my share of consequences but most have the best interest of our country and citizens at heart. I see so little racism here it almost seems non existent tho someone working in the high crime/low economy areas like East Vancouver may certainly get tainted by the environment.

The law suits are going country wide now but started as a sexual harrasment issue in Vancouver and was legitamately alarming and worthy of prosecution. I do feel some percentage of the filings are matters of things said in poor taste or things said that were outright rude, but now if the case becomes a class action suit any one filing can get a piece of the award so any oportunists may join in.

We are also going through a series of assaults by B.C. officers against citizens which is also unfortunate but in the end if the RCMP becomes cleaner as a result at least we will have that.

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Emblematic of the country as a whole. It's sad. I can remember when the RCMP was synonymous with integrity and dedication. Maybe even that never was.

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"....synonymous with integrity and dedication. Maybe even that never was."

Then you seem to be badly misinformed. Canada constantly ranks near the top in international anti-corruption indexes, considerably higher than the U.S.

Are you American? Polls rank Americans among the most ignorant of other countries, which would explain your flawed perception toward the country located right next door.

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