Morsi: No stability in Egypt unless coup reversed


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....and stability was present under Morsi?

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So he expects the Egyptian people to welcome Sharia law and sink back into a medieval way of life? Where women can't drive, where non-Muslims are treated as infidels? Where the laws of the land and for the way people live come from a book? Yes, I'm sure the women who bare their heads, the young people into western music and the modernisers will love that.

I don't agree with the overly violent crackdowns in Egypt, but the alternative is reverse time travel for Egypt.

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Sounds like a not so veiled threat of an Islamic insurgency....

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Morsi must have missed the fact that millions of Egyptian citizens were in the streets protesting his rule day after day after day.

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As long as Egypt upholds its constitution over the presidential office and the president doesn't uphold the constitution I'd say the "coup" was proper in this type of situation.

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Morsi is behind bars, and he deserves to stay there for the rest of his life. The Egyptian people are better off without him.

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