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Mother of 9-year-old Iraqi suicide bomber arrested


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Truly disgusting. She stayed with this man after he murdered her 9 year old boy, and wanted to murder her 18 year old son as well...

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Lovely, just lovely. Sunday morning the birds are chirping outside of my window and I read this!! WTF?? These idiot terrorists well are idiots, who in the hell sends a 9 year old to go and blow himself up?? Bastards! This old Arab fart should be blowing himself up along time ago! Like to find him and help him become a martyr real quick! RIP 9 year old little boy, this mother too needs the death penalty, both do in my book, thank god the other son, the 18 year old ran away!

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The boyfriend, Hamid Alwan, 53, needs to be publicly flayed for this. I'll second Elbuda Mexicano's question: What kind of perverse, morally bankrupt monster sends a child to die on his behalf? It seems the cowardice that is part and parcel of al-Qaida has reached a whole new low.

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Who the hell does this? Crazy people, that's who. I can't believe the mother stayed with this man. How about strapping on a vest to them both and play with them for a bit and let them wonder when it will go off?? Horrific.

Indeed, cowards. Why did this guy not do it himself??

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Looks like this kid didn't like to be oppressed so he did what anyone else would do. Or that's how the story usually goes.

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Sunni radical suicide bombs a Shia mosques (or in this case, gets a child to do it). Nothing new, really.

But the body count wlll of course be added to that "killed by Americans" number that we always here about. Crazy but true.

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" Indeed, cowards. Why did this guy not do it himself?? "

But other do do it themselves. Plenty of them. And the standard media explanation is that the evil US policy or Israel made them do it. Lets see how that flies here in Baghdad...

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It is the festival celebrating Abraham's near sacrifice of his son in proof of faith/obedience.

How far can a person twist a another's heart in the name of love, in the name of a Supreme Being??? How sick, how cynical is that? To murder a child?

Is there no limit to how far a person can stoop, where by force of will you can convince someone that evil is actually good, or vice versa?

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My Heart Cries, This is not Islam, And they are not Muslims...Muslims are the people Who practise Islam. Allah or The Islam does not say to Murder Humans ,no where in the Quran. It says if some one kills a Human been Unlawfully, its equals the Killing of whole Mankind. This is Major Sin in Islam ... Please understand... They are simply the Misguided Sick Criminals.

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miyazawa3, yours is a good post.

I hope more people can hear your voice.

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Thank you. Appreciated.

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What cowardice. Sending a small kid for something he wouldn't even do himself.

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Religion has been the excuse for many a Terrorist group. Whats worrying is that these Terrorists have the backing of a number of their religious leaders, across many countries, so it is of little wonder that people often associate the whole of the Religion with the whole of this Terrorist group.

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Literally the boyfriend from hell.

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