Mugabe gives star Olympic swimmer $100,000


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Is that in Zimbabwe dollars? Would be about 4 cents/2 pence... ;-)

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When will this man be arrested?

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By who?

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Probably, that is U.S. dollars. Even Mugabe know their currency has no value, I suppose.

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Well, Kirsty Coventry, is now the second richest person in Zimbabwe.

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"The president accused of impoverishing Zimbabwe has given U.S.$148,000 to the nation’s Olympians, most of it to a top-performing swimmer."

Okay, now that we know it isn't in Zimbabwe dollars, I can say this is insane. The man is pretty much single-handedly bringing down a country, and yet, feels the west is to blame. How odd...

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speaking out my opinion : -

President Robert Mugabe is not responsible for the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy. He did what he can and he is trying to do all that is possible. What he say is true about the Western countries plotting against his demise and destruction of the Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a strong ally of China and Russia in Africa and certain western powers want that change. I believe given time President Robert Mugabe would be able to revive Zimbabwe and restore better lively hoods to its people.

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U.S. $100,000 is a fortune in Zimbabwe.

"Zimbabwe is a strong ally of China and Russia"

How strong an ally can Zimbabwe be? The country is an absolute basket case.

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