Muhammad Ali writes letter to people of Norway


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Classy guy making lucid comments. His daughter became a top professional boxer too.

On the lighter side, I wonder if people ever mix him up with the French-Albanian military officer who became Egypt's leader throughout the first half of the 19th century. You know, the other Muhammad Ali.

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I am sure there must me plenty of Muhammad Alis in this world, but I am happy the truly greatest sent his sincere feelings to the people of Norway. May this evil Nazi bastard, Anders etc...BURN IN HELL!!!

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Ali is a class act.

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Has Ali ever written a letter to the victims of jihadist terrorists? Or, for that matter written a letter to the Saudi or Iranian government praising multiculturalism?

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No, I imagine that job would be more appropriate for a Christian for that angle. Of course, there aren't many cases of crazy Muslims slaughtering muslims to prevent the invasion of Christian immigrants. There just aren't, and that's why it's not symmetrical.

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Brevik has a lot more in common with McVeigh and the Unabomber than the more recent terrorists from the middle east, even plagarizing entire chapters word for word from the Unabomber's own manifesto. Rather than using violence against the people he claims to hate, he focuses exclusively in attacking people in government.

When McVeigh was asked about the children he had to murder in his bombing attack, he expressed some regret but then claimed it was all necessary.

Sadly, we've come full circle and a lot more of these crazies are coming out of the woodwork. Most of them copycats like Brevik who admitted admiring several of these former terrorists.

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What is infuriating about this is the new narrative decided on by the mainstream media: Anybody critical of islamic fundamentalism and the islamization of the West is now labelled a potential terrorist.

On the other hand, nobody is blaming Al Gore and the global warming crowd for the Unabomber.

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