Murdoch says Rudd 'all over the place'


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I guess this means we know whose phones are going to get hacked.

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Voters should regard any politician disliked by Murdoch as being worthy of their ballot.

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Murdoch, a US citizen, cares passionately about profit and not the country of his birth. That should be glaringly obvious.

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Twitter may be of some use, but used like this it is really a colossal downer.

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Murdock has lost the plot and become senile since being caught lying about hacking and to the commision. There must be something in it for Murdoch to back Abbott, pehaps to be able to own %100 of the papers and there for pull Abbotts strings. As for Abbott, he is flip floping on PPS, Boats, Gay M.

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Whoever Murdoch supports is going to lose th elections. First, he has a very bad reputation magnified by his ruthless self-interests. So, why is he supporting Abbot so openly unless he is going to benefit from him should he get elected Prime Minister. Whatever is good for Murdoch will not be good for Australia and so, vote wisely.

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Murdoch, a US citizen, cares passionately about profit and not the country of his birth. That should be glaringly obvious.

Nothing wrong with that.

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Rupert Murdoch? like any smart Australian really cares, the only person in Australia less popular than any politician, He's way down there with Ivan Milat.

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@Carcharadon 'Like any smart Australian cares' Unfortunately, Murdoch's tabloids tend to cater to the less smart. The Sun in the UK, Fox News ( a tabloid on air ) in the States and now run by the almost equally reprehensible Ailes, and The Daily Telegraph in Australia ( my Aussie friend described it as being as mindless as the first two I mentioned ). I trust the majority of the good people of Australia are smart enough to vote with their own minds rather than being affected by the voice from the gutter.

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"Rudd’s daughter Jessica Rudd, a writer, was quick to respond, tweeting back: “@rupertmurdoch Thanks for taking the time each day to tell us what to think.”

He's not telling us what to think, Jessica, he's telling us what he thinks.

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Monty Burns - oops, I mean Rupert Murdoch - has got his slimy tentacles in everything. The grub is obviously worried that Rudd is going to curb his influence. No media organisation in a democracy should ever be allowed to control more than 70% of a nations print media. No wonder his wives all left him - the man is an old slimeball, as evidenced by the phone-tapping disgrace. He belongs in jail.

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Whether you like it or not, his opinion holds weight - albeit being fairly predictable in this case.

It's more a case of the Labor Party being all over the place. Rudd might be smiling for the cameras, petting kitties, kissing babies and hugging ordinary folk, but his party needs to seriously sort out it's cancerous factionalism that has eroded confidence and affected their performance.

The only thing stopping the Liberals from winning this one in a landslide, is Tony Abbott himself. The Human Galah.

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