Myanmar's Suu Kyi meets Tillerson, U.N. chief on Rohingya crisis

By Ayee Macaraig

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When it comes to the Rakhine issue, the Burmese people, the Government and the Army are very united as a nation. That says a lot.  

The Burmese genuinely believe that the Rohingya are the invaders and that their rights as a nation and their sovereignty are being trampled by individual human rights.  

The Burmese feel that they have been treated very unfairly by the West, which regularly refuses to hear their voices. Singling out the army as the sole perpetrator of alleged atrocities, unsubstantiated, makes them very suspicious of the West's intentions.  

The United States should be more sensitive to the sentiments of the Burmese people as it works to put pressure on the Government of Aung San Suu Kyi and the Burmese Army.

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The Burmese rightfully know what giving an inch to these people will mean in coming decades: their gradual replacement in their own country. The Burmese are not as silly as western liberals in this regard.

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Day one.

10am: breakfast.

11am-1pm: massage.

1pm-3pm: lunch.

3:30pm-6:30pm: oil field tour.

7pm-10:30pm: diner with ministery of oil.

Day two.

9am: visit mines and oil fields with working breakfast.

1pm-4pm: lunch and massage.

4:05pm-4:10pm: sign important America First contracts for energy and minerals.

4:15pm-6pm: massage.

7:01pm-7:03pm. Official announcement that the USA will investigate links between Muslim minorities and Terri-risk.


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Rex is there primarily because Myanmar is rich in natural resources. He's representing US corporations that are in competition with China's and other nation's to get access to them.

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Burma has been fought over for centuries, but this ethic clensing in 2017 is an archaic act that really should be the focus not minerals as they are not related. Mass rape, land mines, burning houses. All under the supposed rule of a Nobel prize winner. Don't vote me down nominate me for a Nobel prize sure as heck do a better job than this b****.

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Bob Geldof has return the Award of Freedom in Dublin he shares with this charlatan. It's a protest. Also, U2 who has rooted for her has issued a statement of condemnation over her acts of genocide. Myanmar is a totalitarian nation and has isolated itself and waged non-stop ethnic internal wars for over 50 years. The UN needs to impose a TOTAL set of sanctions on them. A complete boycott. It worked on South Africa to end its apartheid. We need to stop feeding this crazy dictatorship that has axes in its eyes, invisible enemies high above the clouds and blood on its hands.

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japan will invest $1 billion there. I

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