Myanmar’s Suu Kyi moved to solitary confinement in jail


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She is not going to outlive her imprisonment. The military coup has too much invested to let her risk anything.

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They’re just going to kill her slowly. The junta is a thousand times worse for Myanmar - and the Rohingya - than Aung San Suu Kyi could ever have been.

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Some comments here from the Americans who are so against the coup in Myanmar or any other country in the world, and yet they still supported the coup that Trump tried to pull off saying “ we are patriots “ … they are pathetic traitors in reality!

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Sad. Photogenic and dignified, yes, but as a leader, weak and ineffectual

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You know what will happen next

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That's what happens when you kiss junta's arse!

How so? The most recent coup is the result of her not kissing their backside. The original agreement that convinced the Tatmadaw, the Myanmar military, to end the previous junta and allow elections was that Suu Kyi would not run for President. She did not. However the Myanmar Parliament made a special political office just for her called "State Counselor" and for all intents and purposes she functioned just like their President. The Tatmadaw was guaranteed 25% of the seats in Parliament but had an expectation of being consulted on legislation. Suu Kyi's political party however largely ignored the Tatmadaw and did as they pleased. This angered the Tatmadaw. When Suu Kyi's party won and even larger majority in their Parliament after the last election it was too much for them and the new coup is the result. But to say she kissed their arse isn't and informed comment. Aside from supporting the suppression of the Rohingya which was more a result of her Buddhism than any love of the Tatmadaw, she opposed them and often ignored their demands in Parliament.

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I’ve only been to Burma twice and worked briefly for an NGO to free Burma, I feel cheated by her. Disgusted.

The good point is that in solidarity she can’t spend the massive amounts of bribes she took.

oh wait, it is Burma and prison guards get $20 a month salary...

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From Political prisoner as well as House arrest to being the leader of a nation and now in solitary confinement, hated and vilified, what a sad fall from grace.

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That's what happens when you kiss junta's arse!

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