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Myanmar border conflict riles China


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War with China. I am so sick of war!

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As long as Myanmar was a dictatorship, China was very pleased to be their ally, but a democratizing Myanmar on its border is a grave danger for the bullies in Beijing. Now the ethnic Chinese in Myanmar border region are China's allies. Watch out neighbors! This is the real china.

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Gautama, good point. Some who support the Russian annexation of eastern Ukraine will no doubt delight in the Chinese annexation of northern Myanmar.

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Kokang’s rebel Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army is led by shadowy octogenarian commander Phone Kya Shin.

And only one man can change that.

Bond. James Bond.

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Old Chinese proverb said" if there are water, there will be fish. If there are land, there will be Chinese", especially in S,. E Asia. These ethnic Chinese escaped China for business opportunity and freedom from homeland long ago. Sometime, they were called the Jews of Asia. They tend to keep their identities, cultural heritages, and support communist China at the same time. They have both "Chinese Buddha" and " Mao Tse Tong" pictures on the wall. Beijing has no problem in supporting dictators across the globe, including Burma and would exploit these ethnic Chinese for their own advantages.

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