Myanmar court sentences Suu Kyi to 5 years in prison for corruption


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She sold herself out to the Tatmadaw and denied the genocides they've been doing. Now they've stabbed her in the back. Of course, this is a kangaroo court. What else would you expect from these oppressive brutes?

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One day there will be a huge statue of her in her place. Hope it will be a beautiful statue.

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One day people will forgive her for selling out, you just know she lives in absolute regret these days. She was human, but she had such a responsibility; and she let her people down, now the hand that tempted her will now incarcerate her. I too hope the tribute they pay to her one day will be a beautiful one; also a cautionary tale of how power and lavishness can truly corrupt even the most spirited and militant of activists; it makes one contemplate. Peace.

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The Tatmadaw won't last five more years despite the wishes of their Chinese bully boy bosses.

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Didn't they already have her in jail for YEARS?

We know who is Corrupt here

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The Tatmadaw won't last five more years despite the wishes of their Chinese bully boy bosses.

The above is nice to think, but when the junta has backing from both China and Russia, it's likely they'll remain in power as long as the new anti-democracy imperium led by China and/or Russia continues to control the planet.

China, Russia arming Myanmar junta, UN expert says

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Myanmar - the place where it seems all leaders are corrupt, on some level. I suppose that can be said about politicians at a national level almost everywhere?

She looks quite good for being 76 yrs old.

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