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Myanmar junta executes 4 prisoners, including 2 pro-democracy rivals


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A brutal regime.

which one? Aung San Suu Kyi may be facing the ICC for her genocide of the Ryohinga

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Horrible government that despises democracy and freedom.

Boycott them entirely until they are overthrown.

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Phyo Zeya Thaw had been accused of orchestrating several attacks on regime forces, including a gun attack on a commuter train in Yangon in August that killed five policemen.

Sounds like this person deserved it.


Myanmar Police, military, public servants and politicians are all fair game for freedom fighters. May the freedom fighters keep up the fight.

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Sounds like this person deserved it.

Please read a little history before making a comment. Executions happen every day around the world that aren't reported in the news. Why is this in the news? Because the junta illegally overthrew the democratically elected party in a violent coup, jailed their leaders, and has been murdering citizens, as far as kidnappings to harvest organs sold on the black market.

Go to Wikipedia and read about the post WWII history of this country, especially what happened in 1980s and recent times.

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One of Ukrainain arm customer Google Ukraine Arm Burma

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Wonder why no Western democracy seems to give a damn about the situation in Burma. Why isn't America et al. supplying them with weapons? Are they more fearful of China than they are of Russia? Pathetic!

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Very sad news.

We all thought it might improve there but it's back to the bad olds days now again

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Myanmar’s military junta has executed four democracy activists accused of helping to carry out “terror acts,” it said on Monday, sparking widespread condemnation of the Southeast Asian nation’s first executions in decades.

Sentenced to death in closed-door trials in January and April, the four men had been accused of helping militias to fight the army that seized power in a coup last year and unleashed a bloody crackdown on its opponents.

Myanmar’s National Unity Government (NUG), a shadow administration outlawed by the ruling junta, condemned the executions and called for international action against the junta.


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Buua, Ukrainain where selling it arms to Ukraine,when Burma was repressing it citizen,Burmese may have a legal case Ukraine,JT finally put the lost cause in Ukraine to rest by not publishing details of it

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Executions for freedom fighters - justice demands the junta will not die in their beds, either.

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All forms of executions are abhorrent.

Just bear in mind:

One man's freedom fighter, may be another's terrorist - and as such be considered a Criminal, and just as is done in the United States - receive the Death Penalty.

That said, this Military Junta appears to have no Morales, no sense of right and wrong - except that which suits their own lust for power, and at whatever the cost to whosoever gets in their way.

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BTW - Today Japan had its first execution of the year... if you can remember the guy who drove his truck into Akihabara and stabbed to death 7 people back in 2008 - that's the one today.

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Myanmar has had the world's longest running civil war - since independence from Britain in 1948. Since that time countless people have been killed and tortured by the various regimes. Recently nearly 1 million Rohingya were forced to flee when the government torched their villages and slaughtered them. The current human rights abuses by the regime are unfortunately nothing new. Myanmar remains a brutal military dictatorship.... notwithstanding the sham elections.

The Tiger roars and the lamb next door executes.

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