Myanmar junta to put Suu Kyi on trial for corruption


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I'm surprised that it took the juanta this long to announce this.

BTW, where in the world is the ASEAN special envoy? Last time I checked in, The Right Honourable Erywan Yusof, from Brunei said he would visit sometime before the ASEAN Summit in late October, but that no date has been finalized.

Maybe he can speed it up?

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Is Suu Kyi not already on trial..?

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Suu Kyi needs to be tried for her suppression of the Rohingya.

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You couldn’t get a more obvious case of a politically motivated prosecution without merit if you tried. While she is no saint these trumped up charges by a gang that flouted every rule of law and their countries constitution to illegally seize power are hypocritical in the extreme.

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What a mess.

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One group of genocidal maniacs prosecuting another genocidal maniac. Suu Kyi has much to answer for in the reprehensible barbarities she and the Tatmadaw perpetrated against the Rohingya. Now that same Tatmadaw turns on her. They deserve each other and the people of Burma deserve better than either of them. No beauty queens in this pagent.

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