Myanmar security forces disperse anti-coup protesters


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Now when the citizens of Myanmar have realized that who is behind the mess in their country They have started protesting with placard "China go back". And asking CCP not to interfere in their internal matter. As the CCP is investing heavily in Myanmar internal relation especially in state of Rakhine and Kachin as well as the entire Myanmar region. China is providing extensive aid and healing to develop Infrastructures in Myanmar and alms to be the chief beneficiary of cultivating Myanmar oil and natural gases reserve. As the world knows China always crave to extend its boundaries it is looking forward to take Myanmar under it too.

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The Myanmar regime is in the saddle and has the support of the newly strengthend CCP regime. The protests will not go anywhere.

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Where were these protesters when their army and leaders Raped, Killed, and burned the homes of the Muslim minority in their country??

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Looks like the work of the silent and hidden Chinese, they have learned to manipulate countries by investing in them and then telling them we own you leaving the poor countries with no choice but to do as they say from the background

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