Myanmar to free all political prisoners by yearend


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How is anyone going to check on this promise being kept?

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Let's hope it is followed through and not just lip-service to appease the West. I read sickening accounts of the massacre of dozens of muslim children and teachers - by Buddhists (including monks) - only a few months ago in Rakhine province, where Burmese police stood and watched. If Burma wants western business they have to sort out the massacres and human rights abuses.

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I've been to Burma (Myannar) on business trip and I found Burmese people to be one of the kindest although most of them are living in poverty. Normally you dont feel safe walking alone on streets but Myanmar was special and I realized these people are really peaceful. But what happened in Myanmar with muslim community is really unacceptable. But what happened in Rakhine is not same everywhere in Myanmar so lets not mix up details here. Myanmar is still a wonderful country and needs international support to come out of long running military junta!

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