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Mythmaking begins for N Korea's next leader


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I heard Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger. That is awesome!

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This is quite frightening. I don't think many N Koreans are that gullible, but this kind of thinking as far as trying to set up a monarchy by this way is pretty much the kind of method that got Japan into trouble trying to expand a glorious empire for the mystical divine blood of the emperor. When N Korea's military tries to mobilze its hungry people into some kind of thinking like that (not that they seem too successful either way) it will be very bad for S Korea, Japan, and others in the neigborhood.

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Big Brother is watching you.

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I sometimes vacillate between thinking people are just doing what's expected of them (conditioning) or that they truly believe these things. I now think most people there truly believe -it's in effect, a religion. Their trust in government is not shaken --it's still divine. I believe one day they will cease to believe this whole made-up story, but not just yet. Sad.

Check out the vice guide to DPRK. http://www.vice.com/the-vice-guide-to-travel/vice-guide-to-north-korea-1-of-3

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MeanRingo: "I heard Kim Jong Il invented the hamburger. That is awesome!"

We could use a good hamburger in this neighbourhood, so if he gleaned anything from his surreptitious visits to other nations so we could all have a good BBQ, then welcome to the party.

Beats the other myths. I just hope people actually realize they ARE myths and not fact. I LOVE Greek and other myths and superstitions and religions, and appreciate what they have contributed to society (be it proverbs or idioms or what have you), but imaging they are fact is folly.

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"KCNA said a Manchurian crane spotted in the city of Hamhung circled a statue of Kim Il Sung for hours before dropping ...(fill in the blank)"

"... somersaulting panda bears."

Good grief !

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KCNA has a lot of 'audiences' who admired Kim JonIl in south Korea! So the grief was throughout the Korean peninsula

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Kim Jong Un was dubbed “Young General”, “Respected General”, “Great Successor”, and “Outstanding Leader.” He stole those titles from my resume!

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With Kim Jong Un poised to extend the Kim family dynasty into an additional generation, North Korea is quickly building the mythology by emphasizing his bloodline and the Kim family legacy,

As I said in an earlier post, if this is supposed a "people's paradise" where the workers control the production and all are equal, why then is one family set above the others?

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Commarde Kim JonUn: The world's youngest leader with a'bomb'! It is definately not good to piss off this 'maverick'!

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Contrary to popular belief, North Korea is nothing, it is full of hot air, poor people, starving, brainwashed, trying to survive from the money sent by the North Koreans here in Japan that own those pachinko parlors, yakiniku restaurants, illegal massage parlors etc..CHINA will never allow North Korea to do anything too stupid, just remember how the Vietnamese, after kicking out the Americans and then getting a bit too head strong went after the Cambodians too, that is when CHINA said, enough is enough and the CHINESE sent in troops to put the Vietnamese in their so called place, same would happen with little poor cold starving DPRK, they get a bit too loud, big brother Beijing will come down on them and slap them up side the head, the Chinese need to work with Japan, South Korea and the USA etc..North Korea is just that one pesky little place between Chinese goods being sent more cheaply by land to South Korea, Japan and beyond. IMHO.

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I read that Kim Jong Un was obsessed with the NBA so I'm waiting for the stories about him posterizing people with his terrorizing dunks.

Truth be told, his friends in Switzerland said he was a beast on the court. Very aggressive and very confident.

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It's not enough that the NK government starve and intimidate its people -- it's got to insult their intelligence as well.

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It's all so sad. People are forced to worship at the alters of those who make their lives a misery. North Korea is hell.

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