N Korea blasts South's lack of respect for Kim Jong-Il


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Respect for what?

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If people really, and I have no idea why they would, want to visit the North to pay respects for Kim, they should be allowed, but I really question the 'world in mourning' thing. Sad to see the North is already trying to distance themselves from the South instead of seeking reconciliation.

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The north is still showing signs of being a dissolutional nut case, "the whole world is mourning" could not be further from reality, and "peerlessly great man", is a complete joke. The guy was an utter insane arse hole just like his father was. These nut jobs in the north need to take alook at how the rest of the world lives before they make any more absurd statements.

The world rejoiced at the death of this barstool of a leader and now hardly anyone gives a fluffy rats ear hole about the death of this guy. and respect is given when deserved, thats why he aint getting any.

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North Korea is still on "drugs".

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Surprised that they also didn't request that the South brings in some food to share with the North as little show of respect also to the Dear leader be good time for them to not call it begging after all.

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There would be "unpredictable catastrophic consequences" for cross-border relations unless.........

Catastrophic for whom?

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I agree with North Korea 66 percent! Kim Jong Il was, no doubt, a "peerlessly _____ leader"!

(Had to subtract that final 2/3% for the unusual use of the adverb.)

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" The Seoul authorities’ “unethical acts bereft of elementary etiquette and compatriotism have touched off unanimous outrage and wrath among Koreans and all other people of the world,” the spokesman said. "

All people of the world?? Funny thing, I don´t recall being asked ...

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ExportExpert: "The world rejoiced at the death of this barstool of a leader..."

That's only a slight step above the claims NK is making themselves. While I doubt very much the world misses the man, for you're correct he was rotten, only fools 'rejoice' when another human being dies (and claim they rejoice because of how bad he was, when rejoicing makes them bad as well).

I'm just curious whom it is they think would want to go over to mourn, when if they were truly mourning they need not step in NK to do so.

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A "peerlessly great leader"? Really? Kim Jong Il can count Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Idi Amin, and even Satan himself as his peers! Scumbags always keep good company! As for condolences go I'd love to send a special gift as a fitting send off to the great leader but I believe the post office has rules about mailing excrement!

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Meet the new boss.

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S.Korea doesn't have to respect squat about the leadership of N.Korea.... This is quite silly.

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Cry nof loud NK. NK earned its own disrespect from others. Suck it up !

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SK have sent their delegates to pay respect for Kim Jung Ill. What does NK wanted. I just pity those spokesman brainwashed by the former leaders regime saying things for NK prestige. I do hope that with the new leader, things will be different and this Stalin influenced NK will start reconcillation with their neighbors. Poor North Koreans. Their leaders and military are well fed and provided while their citizens hunger. Kim Jung Un, you're still very young but I am sure you know what is happening in the world. it's time to change NK.

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"North korea is still on drugs." Crack to be exact.

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So.............. if a South Korean president dies, the North Korean regime would not restrict its borders to North Koreans who want to pay their respects traveling to South Korea?

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