N Korea fires ballistic missiles into Sea of Japan


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I'm in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, next month. Nothing like a sober reminder.

And while I hate to say it, strike first, strike deep, strike hard.

Lousy attitude, but I'd like a safe skin next month, when I'm paying my respects for a month.

Anyone with me?

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Great photo: our glans is bigger than theirs!

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well sure if someone understood what you were talking about and than decided to agree with your point. and what is your point again?

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Where was all the useless expenditure to deploy US missile near Tokyo, etc? The last time Boy Un warned the world, "Chicken Little" stormed in to save the day. It is similar to the banned game of lawn darts in the US. One participant stands still while the opponent tosses a dart high in the air trying to get closer and closer to the opponent's foot.

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Japanese gov't shuld reallise it is not unconstitutional if JSDF shoot back to N Korea,

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Japanese should check where it landed. It looked like it landed very near Japan. In the next time, Japan should hit it with the Missile Defence System. I do think this is necessary. If the politicians steps back trying not to get involved with this dirty North Koreans, it will get worse and worse. Unfortunately, here in South Korea, the things are the same. Our lady president cares only about her votes. She says this and that but never any action. This is why the North Korean Kim Jungeun is acting up. He always tests water before doing worse and worse. I think that Japanese must show initiative. In that way, I really think Abe is doing well. But he must do more.

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The Sea must get tired of this.

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In the next time, Japan should hit it with the Missile Defence System.

Why? N. Korea is just sabre rattling. There is no reason to respond to this other than some misplaced sense of pride or ego. Let the Koreans shoot as many missiles as they want into the sea. Using the missile defense system will just give N. Korea an idea of its capabilities, and for no good reason.

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Better shoot now than wait US shoot and Japan will be stuck with US base forever.

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I have to say that the picture with this story should be entered in a "write your own caption" contest.

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Wonder how can NK afford such fireworks when experts are worried about gloomy global economy?

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It is soon election time in Korea. Our lady president who hurt the Japan Korean relationship to the worst possible last here will be dividing the party into two: ones who are favorable to her and ones who are not. With this deliberately weakened party, she will try to run our country in crisis in many fronts. The ones who are out of her favors are ones who negotiated with the smaller party to get results and ones who criticized her for her dealings with China and Japan and her refusal to have the US THAAD MD system in the US bases.

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Those sanctions are obviously not working. Every time I see an updated photo of the dear leader he seems to have gained another 10 lbs.

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**"North korea fires ballistic missile into Sea of Japan"

Do we actually have any evidence of this, other than what this headline screams at us? All we have here, is a stock picture of some nork bods trying to attach a condom to a large metal phallus?

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Lil Kim Ding Dong Dung ought to be sent a scud to roast his own rump.

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N.Korea have evidence. The country showed proudly on video, too,

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Idiots who say Japan should attack NK need to give their heads a serious shake, and do it hard. NK is currently threatening... wait for it... the countries directly involved in 'threatening' it with tough sanctions and talks of war. While Japan has joined in on talks of sanctions, so far they are wisely sitting on the side-lines while NK does these tests and engages in endless bombast. The minute Shinzo opens his mouth further is the minute these 1,300 war-heads will turn towards Tokyo instead of just South Korea. No reason to engage them in ANYTHING at this point, be it tough talk or action.

This is just desperate sabre rattling. Japan getting further involved than it already is will only justify, in their minds, NK's further defiance of UN laws and calls to cease what they are doing.

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Are these the missiles that are supposed to hit New York City? A tad short I must say! Japan only needs to launch a few "actual" missiles at them and we will see what happens!

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It seems to me: The goofier the country, the goofier the military hats.

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eventually the NK's will get it right with all the practice and they do keep getting better step by step and the international does nothing but through a bunch of useless words; US: blah blah blah Japan: blah blah blah SKorea: blah blah blah China: blah blah blah blah blah blah... Russia: blah blah blah blah...blah blah blah......blah blah blah.......blah blah..... NK: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...Can't touch this.....

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Monaka It seems to me: The goofier the country, the goofier the military hats.

So true…lol

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So long as they can't really hit anything, who cares?

We need to ensure it stays that way.

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I looked up information regarding the destruction of the missile that went up to 17,000 Meters and then ''went away''. The North Koreans are developing EMP technology so they can render all ''non-hardened'' technology inert. It would be like sending most of South Korea, Japan and most of Northern China into the 'Stone Age'. Electrical grids would be brought down, the giant transformers would be slagged, most electronics from cell phones, computers, telecommunications, televisions and anything that runs on electricity and has computers in them including cars would be rendered inert. Since most of North Korea is still manual technology an EMP would level the playing field into their favor for a decade or more. Such infrastructure takes a very long time to be replaced. Exploding a single Nuclear Weapon at that height would be doing more damage than Several nuclear weapons deployed against cities.

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Don't underestimate N Korea on their abilities to grow their technology because they are not like Japan now. After American bombers destroyed major cities in Japan manually industry sprouted Likewise Korea will be superior like S Korea on missiles sooner or later.

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Notice how there are no Okinawans crying about the bases in their prefecture today?

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