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N Korea fires 6th missile in three days


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unstoppable till Abe-Obama say something (!)

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'Sir, launch successful, we have hit the sea again!'


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What happens if one hits an island or ship.

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**what you see is what you get

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Maybe the slow fuses are wet.

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Sure makes you want to send them aid.

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Well NK isnt exactly loaded with money so there must be some agenda with the missiles. Two possibilities, a, they are testing guidance systems for the bigger tubes (Guam capability) or b, some of their first produced missiles are becoming of age and they dispose of them by sending them to the sea-bottom and hopefully scare someone at the same time.

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As proven before and now here again, the US and/or Japan wont do a thing but pray NK doesnt force them into war. They know China would be involved and wipe Japan off the map along with any part of the US they choose.

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China isn't stupid enough to enter a war on North Korea's side that they started. Otherwise it would be China versus the entire world with zero chance of winning.

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Two statements made by N. Korea according to the article: 1. Military training ... is the indisputable right of any sovereign nation. 2.The real provocation is coming from South Korea and the United States, which have carried out a series of small and large-scale joint military drills in recent months.

Just for the sake of argument, let's say both claims made by N. Korea are true. If military training is the indisputable right of any sovereign nation, then why would they have a problem with and raise a stink about the U.S. and S. Korea holding joint military drills? It doesn't make any sense. At the very least, it makes N. Korea sound hypocritical. Has anybody else noticed this or am I not understanding it correctly?

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Ban Ki-moon wishes he was gungnam style

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China's military is a living museum, while Japan has one of the most powerful navies in the world.

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