N Korea fires five short-range missiles into sea


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I wonder if those missiles have "acme missile" written along the side of them. You know, Wiley cayote.

LoL. Good one there Noidall.

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After awhile even the people of NK get tired of bottle rockets and get bored.

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Years ago, Russia sold out of dated missiles to Cuba then Cuba sold them to N Korea. Maybe N Korea used up all now ?

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This is not the time for "cute" comments and editorials.... Make no mistake, North Korea has a lot of missiles and WILL be using them!!! A very dangerous situation is at hand and must be delt with expediency and carefulness.

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The US says, "If you want us to stop sanctions and send you aid, you have to destroy your weapons of mass destruction.". And then Kim Jong-un says "I sent them all in the sea, didn't I?".

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I wonder if those missiles have "acme missile" written along the side of them. You know, Wiley cayote.

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Poor old NK, they've probably only got 1 or 2 missiles left that actually work but the NK engineers are all too scared to let Kim Jong Un know the truth!!

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N Korea fires five short-range missiles into sea

Neptune considering sanctions.

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So, North Korea DOES have WMDs and threatens to use them, but the US doesn't invade NK. Iraq didn't have WMDs and didn't threaten to use any, but got invaded and their dictator assassinated. Why is that piggy-wiggy despote in North Korea still alive? Is he convenient for the Military Industrial Complex that sells Patriot Missle-systems to Japan?

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Ruprecht loves the water.

Every time the Boy General shoots off his load, it does nothing but remind me of this classic scene from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (if you've never seen it, do yourself a favor:)

I keep telling you, if you keep banging on your pots, you'll have no pots left!

Perhaps this strange behavior of the Ruprecht of Asia should be encouraged - he's only got so many pots to bang.

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It seems that N Korea would shoot its all missiles into sea before war starts.

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