N Korea GPS jamming hits S Korea flights


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I think the 'reason' is simply to show they can do it, and in the event of warfare could cause a certain amount of confusion if not chaos by said jamming. That said, it's completely wrong and in my opinion is a sign of warfare, given the gravity of the consequences that could occur as well as the simple fact that they are toying with a foreign nations controls from their own land. This goes beyond provocation.

I just wonder why on earth they decided that Seoul should be the capital of SK, so close to the border of NK -- it'll be the first place decimated, by mere artillery, if war should erupt. Busan's not a whole lot safer, but would definitely have been the better choice against NK threat given most of their arsenal is land based, and would have avoided such jamming.

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It's time to spend the money that would have gone to food aid for NK and send a few well placed missles into take out the GPS jammer, all NK military bases and the NK idiots in power. I'm sure at this point the world has had enough and China really can't be too far from saying to the western world, "if it happens, we didn't see it coming".

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Atleast something in NK is working successfully after repeated Rocket/Missile launch failures..! No sensation please, GPS System Glitch, will be corrected soon, i guess.

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That is charge without proofs. That is false like about Chhonan ship. USA can do it too.

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It's just needless endangerment......

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That's good to know for SK. Now you know what NK can do. Just be prepared for NK cowardly acts of bullying other countries. That's what NK are good for.

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(Seoul officials said the money spent on a failed rocket launch and other anniversary events could have been used to alleviate acute food shortages.)

North korea, will probobly ignore this story, but I hope they take this part to heart, because it's true, no matter who says it.

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That is charge without proofs. That is false like about Chhonan ship. USA can do it too.

Actually it is quite easy to prove AND quite easy to locate the source. All you need is directional receivers (the world has had them since before WWII) in two different locations tuned to the frequency being jammed.

A jammer works by saturating the frequency with a much stronger signal, effectively blanking out the real signal. Turn the directional receivers to face the signal source, then follow their lines of bearing until the two lines meet. Want a more precise location? Then add a third receiver at a third location.

The point is that yes, North Korea (and anybody else, for that matter) can jam the GPS frequencies, but if it was a case of actual hostilities, the jammer location would be known as soon as it was turned on, and a HARM missile would end its operation in short order. Because they currently are not at war, the rest of the world is letting N.K. play its little game. As mentioned in the article, the loss of GPS doesn't affect the safety of aircraft. GPS is a nice feature to use while flying, but everyone involved in aviation is aware that the signal can disappear from ALL the GPS satellites with the flick of a switch in NORAD. All pilots - even private pilots - are able to navigate without GPS.

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Serious Warning to NK.

Listen, NK. If you guys (NK) start messing with GPS system interrupting safety of International civilian flights you guys (NK) will be treated as terrorists, and we will act immediately!

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Okay so NK are playing more childish games. But if they want to mess around with other countries than they shouldn't be allowed to whine when the time comes that SK and America have enough and just annihilate NK. By that point I also believe that China would also of had enough because they would be more concerned with doing trade with the west.

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@FadamorMay. 03, 2012 - 10:43PM JST Where is protest SK to ICAO, United Nations? Where is map with selected area? We have not real facts. Also NK not told that is her actions. When NK need they really use artillery and all world know who do it.

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Wouldn't it be a riot if the idiots in North jammed their own missle testing by mistake last month!!

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Once again, South Korea shows restraint when in all fairness, they should be wiping out their enemy right now as North Korea's actions are in no uncertain terms, an act of war. Meanwhile the UN sits around on their fat arses living the good lfe in New York City and Geneva. The world community lacks leadership. Its not coming from the UN. Its certainly not coming from America anymore. Its not coming from China who demands the world's respect but have done absolutely nothing to deserve it. Its only a matter of time before North Korea ups the ante and lobs a couple nukes over the border. The Japanese government doesn't seem prepared for the inevitable but then again, the Japanese government has proven to be pretty feckless when it comes to assuming a more prominent position in the world body or demonstrated an ability to really protect its people.

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