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North Korea push clocks back as a snub to Japan


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Put it 30 minutes AHEAD if you're going to change it! Now the sun is going to rise there just before 4:00am?

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For a country where few have watches, I doubt it will make much of a ripple.

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Watches whose hands move without the approval of Dear Leader will be shot.

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The World kept spinning without a care.

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If you're going to change the clocks, at least do it properly. Every Friday morning, put the clocks forward 8 hours,and every Sunday evening put them back 8 hours.

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It took 70 years to make this world-shattering decision!? At last they are 'wiping out traces of Japanese colonial rule'... No hurry though


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Nice start. now they just need to change AM to IL and PM to UN

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'N. Korea puts back its clocks to adopt 'Pyongyang Time''

Pyongyang time? Would that be 7:00pm August 7th in the year 1315?

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I'm surprised they didn't rework time all together. Add another hour and call it "The hour of Kim Jong Un".

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The article's writer forgot to mention the 30-minute differential in Canada's Newfoundland-Labrador. Tsk, tsk. But, Newfies and Labradorians aren't sheep, like the North Koreans, and they make great screech.

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Good on them.

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Many Koreans, especially the elderly, on both sides of the border still harbor deep resentment against Japan over its colonial occupation.

This is the opposite. It is well known that the young, not elderly, harbor resentment against Japan because of anti-Japan education.

It is famous story that one very old South Korean who said Korean under Japan was good were beaten to death by a young Korean. When I was in USA I met several elder Koreans and Chinese who were all nice only young people were very anti-Japan.

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Do NK families all have clocks in their homes? Do some people wear wrist watch now?

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This seeems very, very petty of DPRK, designed to try and get Japan angry. No peace prize for that!

The common time zone has always been a plus factor for me, somehow comforting, flying through Korea.

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Ow! The people of Japan are really smarting over this one!! /sarcasm

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North Korea's 'hermit kingdom' thing is so pre-1854 Japan

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When are we going in to rescue the poor people subjected to these morons?

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This should help feed the masses.

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Ok, let me get this right:

Pyongyang will be forcing their people to get up at 4:24AM instead of 4:54AM when there is actual sunlight and that's Snubbing Japan?

And when it's 6:39PM and getting DARK in North Korea, Pyongyang will make their people continue to work in the DARK because it's now 6:09PM.

Have you all seen the satellite images of North Korea before and after sunset? It's really DARK.

Hey Pyongyang, what's the difference between a grape and a raisin?

I'll let them figure out that question out while they stumble sround in the DARK.

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@Tinawatanabe Old people's feelings tend to have been tempered by time. Next time they act nice to you, say " thank you for your modesty". Apparently , Kim doesn't give a hoot about Japanese " niceness".

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Does not bother me at all. Then again they did not adopt Beijing time as well.

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"When I was in USA I met several elder Koreans and Chinese who were all nice only young people were very anti-Japan."

@tinawatanabe I am a 28 yo Japanese national. In my travels I have never...EVER...met a single Korean in Canada/USA who was ever rude to me just because I was of Japanese. Again, please send me some of what you are smoking.

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Early to bed and early to rise, makes their Premier healthy, wealthy but not so w . . .. .

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It just mean they will always be 30 minute behind Japan, and they did it on purpose.

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Doesn't matter if they move the clock 10-hours, it still won't take them out of the early 1950s!

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That'll show Japan who's boss!

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I hope the Fat Controller has ensured there is enough electricity generation capacity to cope with the increased demand when it gets darker earlier in the evening.

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