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N Korea refuses U.S. talks; vows 'final doom'


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Some of the officers seem amused. Fat boy must have a sense of (NK) humor.

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I wonder if KIm has seen 'The Interview' yet.

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Does the fat little dear leader in front of his generals look like misplaced Panda bear, or what?

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We don't need to nuke NK to end this. Just need some good EMP weapons or w/e that can disable a nuke warhead in flight rendering it harmless.

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What a bizarre photo. He stands out so much it almost looks like a photoshop.

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I'd be really shocked if N.Korea is even around in a couple of years.

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8 well placed nuclear missile strikes in North Korea will ensure South Korea's safety and indeed the worlds! If the North Korean people don't oust this monster nuclear hell fire will have to do it!

This state is nuclear armed, it kidnaps other countries citizens, Uses terrorist attacks blowing up planes or hacking networks. threatens US existence and how long before they sell a nuke to ISIS another state of crazed warmongering fanatics.

I know I sound harsh But seriously, can dialogue solve this I think not.

here come the thumbs down.

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A barking dog never bites.

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If the U.S. ignites “a war of aggression” and unleashes a nuclear war, North Korea will “counter it through its own nuclear strikes”,

With what? They'd already be dust at that point. Actually, so would we all...

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They are going to play Doom the video game? Cool!!!

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They're starting to remind me of Russia.

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