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N Korea rescinds U.S. envoy's invitation to seek Bae release; Jesse Jackson offers to go


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Any publicity is better than no publicity. Pay attention world, don't go to NK with your beliefs tattooed on your arm. "Fools rush in where nobody dares go." Good luck, but stop asking for help when you do time in the "mine."

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Jesse Jackson??? Geez...if the North Koreans didn't hate Americans before...

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How about a straight-up trade?

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First, you had Rodman and NOW add insult to injury, Jackson wants to go??? If they don't release Bae is Jackson going to blame the NK for being racists?

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The weather is easier to predict than N Koreas mood swings !

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How about a two-for-one deal? Sounds like a win-win!

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Rev. Jackson consistently goes over to countries that hold American citizens and secures their release. He got the American Airman released from Syria back in '80's, the British AND 20+ Americans who were "human shields" during the Iraq war AND 20+ Americans who were held by Fidel Castro in Cuba. Let's see... Rev. Jackson 50 - Snide comments ZERO.

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If Jackson can get Bae out then good on him. Of course NK is just trying to score cheap points by not letting him go.

Why anybody would want to go to NK is beyond me....

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.......can we add Sharpton too?

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Two for one deal? Is it too late to include Rafael Cruz and his boy on the trip?

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