N Korea says it conducted successful hydrogen bomb test


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seems sanctions by international community didn't work !

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Here we go AGAIN:

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The USA will undoubtedly respond to this ultimate provocation by putting more pressure on...Iran. This receipt is the big classic from North Korea:

Winter and cold are here. Harvest has been bad, Kim's army is hungry. Let's make a nuke test. Everyone is angry. They organize meetings, they negotiate, Kim promises to stop nuke tests if he gets food, rice, oil. He gets everything.

They did the same with Japan, softening of sanctions if North Korea makes an investigation about Megumi, pretend to search for her, get food, luxury goods, and more stuff and keep pretending they are looking for her.

Very classic blackmail from Kim’s family.

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Wouldn't it be easier for Iran to just buy nuclear weapons from North Korea at this point?

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North Korea confirmed they had nukes in January 2007.

Bush and the Republicans did nothing to prevent or stop North Korea, heck they didn't even care.

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Gandhi, the pioneer of philosophy and strategy of non-violence said it is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man. In other words peace without war is hard and takes many years of even harder work so peace will never come in a day but several generations of building trust with one another. So if we, the world continue to eradicate any one who disagrees with our way of life then in the end there will be no one left.

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Let's all take a moment to remember that the entire foreign policy of DPRK is to demand gifts from other countries by pretending it has the power to make attacks it will never be able to make.

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I dont think they actually built an H bomb. But regardless if they did or not.... they are now running out of options for more hype. How do they want to top the H bomb? Announce that they have built a Death Star?

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It's called making absolutely sure you're a target on the map for other country's ICBMs NK.

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If this H-bomb is even true

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Wouldn't it be easier for Iran to just buy nuclear weapons from North Korea at this point?

That is the problem, with North Korea. They might just sell to anyone--not so worried about Iran but ISIS, but to invade North Korea would erupt in a nuclear war (GB was not so worried about him)' and that would make the Korean Pennisula unliveable. So imagine 30 million remaining Korean refugees hitting Kitakyushu (my city), Fukuoka, and Shimnoseki,and then demanding a nice comfortable living like they once had. It will not be a pretty picture, and imagine the world economy in the toilet for about ten years! But what to do?.

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the estimated explosive yield from North Korea’s fourth nuclear explosion was much smaller than what even a failed H-bomb detonation would produce.

Much more PR smoke than anything else

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yet, six million people die every year because of tobacco, and nobody blinks an eye.

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Just send over some of your best athletes and Kim will calm down while having photo-ops and even more carbs.

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1984 in 2015 sad.

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I think the little man is Barking like a dog. A very little dog.

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