N Korea says it plans nuclear test aimed at U.S.


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Oh no north korea please don't hurt us....pfftt >_>

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IOW Yawn......same ole same ole.

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“Enter all-out confrontation to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation and people.”

Yeah, I can really see NK enter all-out confrontation to safeguard the sovereignty of the nation and people, against the USA.

In fact, I hope they do.

Then the US can carpet-bomb their whole country and get rid of dictator Tubs.

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The article and title should be revised to be more clear. It is aimed at preparing for the possibility of a confrontation with the US. It is NOT aimed at the US.

In the end, kind of the same thing though.

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the North had repaired rain damage at its nuclear test site and could conduct a detonation at two weeks’ notice.

Rain damage? At a nuclear test site?

What could possibly go wrong?

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The chump in charge must have just read," How To Win Friends and Influence People", albeit a poorly translated version.

On the other hand, since it is KNOWN that NK actually has WMD, isn't it curious that the hegemon HASN'T tried to invade? Wonder why that is?

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Great to see ll the "good guys" want to bomb NK out of existance.

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Isn't NK already targeting the U.S. with their nuclear program?

What is the news here? NK actually said it?

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I dont know why North Korea is called Democratic People`s Republic of Korea .... i dont see any of those words in practise there... Atleast with this they admitted the purpose of rocket launched in december ...

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We do not hide that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will continue to launch, as well as the high-level nuclear test we will proceed with, are aimed at our arch-enemy the United States,” the National Defense Commission said.

So they were lying before when they launched their first FAIL and FAILED to launch their second!!! I am shocked at this turn of events.... I actually thought that NK was telling the truth... wait for it... a big Borat.... NOT!

...and in other news in Saitama this morning a gang domestic of hamsters was seen holding up a conbini at paw point demanding all their fresh lettuce and chocolates. News at 11.

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Huge threat. will be used as just one more reason for huge spending and interfering by US military-industrial complex.

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Trying to stay relevant? Good luck with that.

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Nothing anyone can do that hasn't been done (ie. sanctions). Just sit back and hope the tests fail as usual. Hopefully the media here doesn't panic as usual.

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But, but I was assured by so many here at JT that those launches were for peaceful purposes and civilian satellites. I feel so betrayed...

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North Korea is seriously going to piss the wrong people off and get themselves blown up. China would be in the background saying we have nothing to so with you guys even though North Korea has always believed china has their back when it comes to any fight.

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Well, mates, if the rain can damage their nuclear umbrella, I'd say they'd better stick to their original plan of menacing sea gulls.

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I dont know why North Korea is called Democratic People`s Republic of Korea .... i dont see any of those words in practise there...

Dictatorial countries have used such names before. DDR = Deutsche Demokratische Republik, but was far from democratic. People's Republic of China but the people don't have a whole lot to say.

On topic: Seems like the same of rethoric to me. It will result in more sanctions, then more threats, more sanctions again, and so on.

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The DPRK are fools, they are the Chihuahuas barking, yap, yap, yap for big bro waking up dragon, China.

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So they were lying before when they launched their first FAIL and FAILED to launch their second!!!

The North Korean propaganda machine doesn't really even attempt to not contradict itself. On the one hand, it claimed outrage at the suggestion by other nations that it was developing nuclear weapons. Therefore, given the hostile international climate, North Korea has no choice but to threaten use of nuclear weapons (which it's really been developing all along).

On the one hand, North Korea criticizes other countries (notably the US) for not following treaties and international agreements, or at least, their interpretation of those agreements. But they have all but admitted that they had originally signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in bad faith (they later withdrew).

In any case, the North Korean regime holds onto power in large part by convincing the people that the world is hostile and that war is imminent (mainly with the propaganda machine's favorite punching bags, the US and Japan). They will not launch all out war as they know it would be ultimately unwinnable, but nor will they enter into any sort of meaningful detente, as this removes their government's justification for rule.

In short: nothing new to see here folks, move along...

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People, (and countries), are not satisfied with seeing the Devil pass by, they invite him to come in.

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In the end, the two Koreas will reunite, sing the song, "reunited", and will keep busy with all the things they miss all these years. But do not be deceived with the word "peace".

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...our arch-enemy the United States.

This sounds so silly... very melodramatic and pantomime. Maybe they think Americans all wear moustaches and twirl the ends while tying Korean ladies to railway tracks...

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I hope China is ready to have some windows rattled.

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I blame this on MacArthur. If that weenie hadn't tried to push into China during the Korean War, China would have never pushed the U.N. forces back to the 38th parallel and there would only be ONE Korea.

North Korea said Thursday it planned to carry out a nuclear test and more rocket launches aimed at its “arch-enemy” the United States in response to tightened UN sanctions, but offered no time frame.

North Korea is sadly mistaken if they think we consider them an "arch-enemy". "Whining infant", yes, but "arch-enemy", never.

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