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N Korea threatens to strike Hawaii, U.S. mainland


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If the DPRK ever did anything so stupid, I'm sure CHINA would be the first to slap Pyongyang upside the head! IMHO

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They will be running out of threats soon. Then what?

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One launch at another country and NK signs the death certificate for everyone in Pyong Yang.

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I meant death warrant, d'oh! >.<

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Didn't I read this last week? And the week before? And the week before that? Young Kim needs to be advised that he's got a serious procrastination problem.

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Why do they make these threats? Do they need more aid?

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"Class-A combat readiness” means to stockpile cordwood for their tanks.

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North Korea is definitely Class-A alright... A Class-A nutjob if you ask me.

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"Sh@t or get off the pot", as my mom used to say.

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Well.. i think they should learn how to camouflage first.. old school!

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The only real concern that I have is that they have no end-game for when they run out of new threats. What do they do when we don't give in to their threats. Can they afford to back down or will they be forced to follow through with some type of provocation to avoid looking weak to their masses?

One thing is for sure, the South is not going to take it on the chin again.

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If North Korea strikes any American base, it is game over for the North. I believe the China would let them hang and then carve out a nice big chunk of border land to buffer it's self from Korean. Of course this would be done in the name of peace, putting down the dangerous rogue country to bring stability to the region. I believe the North knows this, so they are just throwing a childish tempertantrum... Just noise, I hope I'm not wrong.

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I am more worried about their chemical weapons and low yield nukes hitting Seoul or other places in the immediate vicinity. I also think they are getting more crazy with their threats because the rest of the world is ignoring them all together.

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Maybe North Korea just wants to make it legitimate that Obama's birth certificate was actually destroyed. North Korea will not do that, they are making fools of themselves. Think outside the box. Fear tactics everywhere. The real world laughs at North Korea.

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This got like 10 seconds of coverage on CNN this morning.

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I'm just hoping NK will finally attempt to do what they say so we can just put an end to all this stupidity.

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If you ask me, North Korea needs to put up or shut up. (If NK were to start a war, the U.S. and its allies would finish it each and every time.)

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Tubby just have to talk big to get some cred, but just might try to do something really stupid. Heck, he even has his BB hero as a friend for life! Why hasn't DR been renditioned to Gitmo yet for aiding a declared enemy?

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