N Korea threatens to take 'physical action' over U.S. anti-missile system


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Go one. I'm not for war, but we're all waiting to finish this ASAP. Time to pull the Band-Aid off quick.

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"Puerile displays of phallic symbols by all sides. Grow up, everyone!"

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N Korea may just test drive a missile flight in S Korea 200 NM EEZ and call it Freedom of Navigation. THAAD will be activated. Perhaps China and N Korea could gain valuable intel when THAAD start firing on this decoy missile that just fly off S Korea coast, not into S Korea itself.

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Seems as if the headlines should read, "Thousands of South Koreans protest against the deployment of U.S. Missiles"

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NK are stupid.... its like saying "you have NO RIGHT to defend yourself!" ....

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What can the Norks do to the US? If they take ANY military against the South or the US, then they will get bombed back to the stoneage

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Defense strategies and tactics are a real problem for aggressive countries.

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First you have to remember daddy China and Mother Russia are the ones who control the little spoiled brat in DPRK They do this to get South Korea and the USA and Japan to flinch to see ho wthey would respond. the Chinese are real interested as they know they will one day use force as they have no desire to honor International Law and Courts. Becareful of the Dragon with a bear for a pet

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Farmboy: Jay, do you remember the last Korean War? Vietnam? The Middle East? Wars don't end as fast as they start, and there are dead bodies on both sides

Yes, I remember them. But China has said that if North Korea provokes a conflict, they will not help them so they will get creamed by Washington/Seoul

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