N Korea to put detained American citizen on trial


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NK has a chance here to take the high road and let the US citizen go, but in all likely-hood with tensions as they are they'll use it as a chance to up the ante and make things worse. I hope for the sake of Mr. Bae that he is not made a pawn in the stupid politics these countries (and more) are engaged in.

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Bae bargain to begin soon (?)

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A delicate situation here for the US. Might have to repeat Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton strategy.

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" for allegedly trying to overthrow the government" - All by himself?

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Wow...Americans are so powerful. Just one, on a tour, can topple a government. Is this really the message NK wants to send? And what would the do against an entire tour bus full?

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Id love to hear what evidence NK found that one man could overthrow the NK government. A tennis racket? A hammer? An Elmo doll?

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You have to feel for this poor yank bloke - there is a good chance he will be executed very soon, on charges of being a spy. Let's pray he isn't.

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It's a mistake for anyone with a U.S. passport to enter N Korea until it's reunited under S Korean administration.

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@Serrano - I agree. Unless you are there on an official diplomatic mission I wouldn't set foot in the place. I wonder if Rodman will go back now? I hope they let Bae go, but given the run up to all this I'd say it's going to be a problem. Somebody needs to teach the pudgy Un a lesson.

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How much is this going to cost the American taxpayer? Close the White House to tours but spend millions to send Clinton(s), Rodman or some other politician to NK for a photo op. When a person applies for a USA passport, the application should have a disclaimer in it. "Anyone who travels to a restricted country accepts the responsibility and financial costs to return." Leave him in the NK prison as a warning to everyone else.

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Never heard of this Korean American tour guide being accused of espionage. Do hope it is true that he is not a spy, but my guess, the NORTH will trump up charges anyway to make themselves look like the "VICTIM" of big, bad, evil, USA EMPIRE??

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Elbuda, I would think a charge of attempting to overthrow the government is far worse than espionage. Given the fact that this American has superpowers and is a one man army, I think it is safe to say that NK has already trumped up the charges.

Noriyosan, I hate to say it, but I think after so many Americans have been apprehended in NK for stupid charges, that man should fend for himself for being so ignorant going there in the first place. Im just surprised that they haven't arrested a high profile American like Clinton, the Google guy, or even Rodman for that matter.

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