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N Korea warns U.S.-S Korea drills pushing peninsula to brink of war


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Pure BS as N.Korea isn't prepared to go all the way. The US, S.Korea and Japan should continue to ignore Kid Jong Il.

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North Korea warned Friday that planned U.S.-South Korean military drills are pushing the peninsula to the brink of war as a U.S. military commander headed to an island devastated this week by a North Korean artillery barrage.

Why can't we have the war games some other place?

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North Korea will have to learn it's place in the world. It is too poor and too insignificant to be dictating ANYTHING.if it's only leverage is to use the threat of war, I say the U.S. make an example out of N.Korea how brutal it can truly be when the gloves come off and let China deal with the refugee problem as punishment for it's non-interventionist approach.

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Several stray dogs growled near destroyed houses.

Definitely N Korean operatives.

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Why can't we have the war games some other place?

Where the Philippine Trench?

The drills are there to deter further aggressiveness from PRoK. It's not "trigger-happy" as Pyongyang calls it.....

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Why not Sarah PALIN... Nothing wrong with her.

Her ignorance and talk of becoming the US President really scare me. I think you are right, she probably would order the invasion of N.Korea.

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My two cents worth: China, Korea and the US should sit down and negotiate the following scenario: regime change either through a foreign sponsored coup d'etat or good, old fashioned assassination with no Chinese interference in return for China being allowed to pick the new leaders of North Korea and keep North Korea as a buffer between it and Korea and the U.S.

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i has been seeing SK's doing joine military drills with the US many many time on the news. and i don't really know what the south is trying to communicate with Kim, but i am sure it is not peace.

what if Kim Ill start a join military drills with china and do it very close to SK so the south Korean can see it. what would happen then? i guess that would satisfy the south and peace soon will come. after all it is the same language the south has been using for many year in the effort to find peace.

they both should talk the same language then.

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thedeath:"what if Kim Ill start a join military drills with china and do it very close to SK so the south Korean can see it. what would happen then?"

I wonder where you have been for the past 2 decades and more, they have done and NK does them regularly and what do you call test firing missiles that go right over SK waters, Japanese waters and Japan itself?

The only reason you don't see them on TV is because NK doesn't allow the free press to cover it and all you will see are a few NK approved new footages, FYI they jaut held one massive one in plain site of the DMZ and on the Japan sea coast.

This is what I mean by selective memories it seems the pro-NK anti USA/SK forget that NK does these same drills and fires missiles over other countries territory and that is acceptable but SK and or USA/SK drill are a provocation!

What hypocrite!

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